Culture, Cocktails & Connect

We would like to invite you for the Corporate Ladies Event ‘Cocktails, Culture & Connect’ on Tuesday 2 October 2018.

This year will be the first time that we will have this event for each of Houthoff's six locations worldwide in its respective time-zone.

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Kind regards, Houthoff’s organising committee:

Carmen Bakas | Kirsten Berger | Martine Bijkerk | Marloes Brans | Sylvia Dikmans | Cecile Eijsink-Bonnier | Marry de Gaay Fortman | Greetje van Heezik | Mariëlle Koppenol-Laforce | Angenita Pex | Helena Sprenger | Jessica Terpstra | Kyoko Tollenaar | Jetty Tukker | Esther Veltman | Rixt de Vries | Berry van Wijk | Merel Zwankhuizen

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